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[audio]l33t b34t5 - Prof Drew
hour long nerdcore hip hop set featuring mc frontalot, dual core, beefy, mc router & more...
Keywords: nerdcore
Downloads: 69
[audio]g33k I1f3 - Prof Drew
more nercore craziness...magitek, spamtek crew, scaffer the darklord, mc loki and more...
Keywords: nerdcore
Downloads: 41
[audio]NerdCorr Episode 2: 2/9/2011 - DJ Corr
Episode 2 of NerdCorr on WIUX 99.1FM, Pure Student Radio from the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Tune in every Wednesday at 7pm to hear DJ Corr spin the best in Nerdcore Hip-Hop, interview artists, and more!
Keywords: Nerdcore
Downloads: 7
[audio]Nerdcore Rulz! - DJ Nessman
More nerdcore from the Hood!
Keywords: nerdcore
Downloads: 183
[audio]NCMepisode 2 MC Atomsk
MC Atomsk
Keywords: nerdcore
Downloads: 20
[audio]Nerdcore Gospel 1
Keywords: nerdcore
Downloads: 107
[audio]Nerdcore Meow 70 - Mikal kHill
On today's show we talk to Mikal kHill about his new album "The Snuggle is Real" and upcoming projects. We talk about shitty reviewers, cassette tapes, and play 8 new songs. kHill also mentions this is the best nerdcore podcast on the internet.
Keywords: nerdcore
Downloads: 37
[audio]Happy Toy Box - BGHM
The breakthrough singles by BGHM. This amazing music, constructed by two musical geniuses, is the voice of a generation, nothing less. Quite possibly (and definitely) the greatest music ever created on Earth. When Binary 4 broke up in 2003, it split into two bands: BGHM and Woodwraith. BGHM was the more popular one, which polluted the covers of magazines everywhere, while Woodwraith took the more necro, grim, frost-bitten route...
Keywords: Nerdcore
Downloads: 7,047 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Nerdcore Meow Podcast - Episode 3 - Colby Emann
Sorry it's so long, I even took out like 45mins.
Keywords: nerdcore; podcast
Downloads: 184
[audio]Nerdcore Meow Podcast Episode 1 - Colby Emann
First episode of the nerdcore meow podcast
Keywords: nerdcore; podcast
Downloads: 295
un disco completo para la nueva generacion del IDM,
Keywords: Nerdcore; IDM
Downloads: 2
[audio]Merdcore Moew 72 Tyler Boyco
Ty the boy boyco on nerdcore meow
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 2
[audio]Nerdcore Moew 72 Tyler Boyco
ty the boy boyco on nerdcore meow
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 44
[audio]Ncmchristmas 66
ncm episode 66
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 24
[audio]NCMEpisode 53
episode 53
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 213
[audio]NCMepisode 1 Jesus HMacy & Chadley EDIT
episode 1
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 20
ncm episode 67
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 46
[audio]Nerdcore Meow Podcast Episode 2 - Colby Emann
The second more structured episode of the nerdcore podcast brought to you by comedicallywitty.com
Keywords: nerdcore; podcast
Downloads: 206
[audio]Nerdcore Meow Edits
Season 1
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 33
[audio]Nerdcore Meow YTC 73
nerdcore meow
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 37
[audio]Ncmepisode 64tribeone
episode 64
Keywords: nerdcore; meow
Downloads: 52
[audio]Ncmepisode 55
episode 55
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 264
[audio]tony stark made this in a cave..out of spare parts - Prof Drew
GOSHone - Laptop Muzik Torrentz - Cost of Living Metamystiks, Inc. - Warriors Entity and Kasparov - The Battle Hymn of the Calvin & Hobbes MC Wreckshin w/ MC Okami & ZeaLous1 - Leeroy Jenkins Krondor Krew - I Play DnD Don Vito w/ Natalie Portman - Internet Gangster Everyday Dual Core - Hostage Down ZeaLous1 w/ Benjamin Bear - Headshot Mad Hatter - Smoke Screen MC Chris - MC Chris Ownz (Mario Mix) Drown Radio Therapy - LOLCats Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew - Chests O' Plenty The Former Fat Boys...
Keywords: nerdcore hiphop
Downloads: 135
[audio]Episode 63wordburglar
episode 63
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 66
[audio]NCMEpisode 54
Keywords: nerdcore meow
Downloads: 183
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 06-07-12 - Prof. Drew
Soup Or Villainz - I'm a Zombie sAMPLE tHE mARTIAN - The T-Virus (Electrocution Graveyard Mix) King Pheenix - When We Rise Dr. Awkward w/ Zealous1 - Left4Dead (The Bossfights Remix) MC Wreckshin - Bath Salt Zombies Zombies! Organize!! - Trioxin MC COOL WHIP w/ Grizzly C - You've been bitten. What do i do? Navi - Don't Call Me mc chris - mc chris is dead Adam WarRock - Zombie Girl Emergency Pizza Party w/ Rappy McRapperson - Zombie Jesus Illbotz - Zombie Girl
Keywords: nerdcore; hip-hop; pixelated
Downloads: 26
[audio]Nerdcore Meow After hours - The Garthim-Master & Doogie Howitzer
Nerdcore Meow After hours - The Garthim-Master & Doogie Howitzer
Keywords: nerdcore; meow; now; podcast
Downloads: 26
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 05-16-12 - Prof. Drew
Adam WarRock - ...Is About To Explode The ThoughtCriminals w/ Int80 of Dual Core - All the Coins Dual Core - Natural 20s Tribe One w/ Adam WarRock - Midlife Crisis Schaffer the Darklord - A Very Bad Man Random & K-Murdock w/ Int80 Of Dualcore & Schaffer The Darklord - For The Gamers Soup or Villainz - Go sAMPLE tHE mARTIAN - Battle In My Mind HDninja - Carformer MagiTek - Savage Emergency Pizza Party - Reppin King Pheenix - Hero vs Villain (Dj RoboRob Remix)
Keywords: nerdcore; hip-hop; pixelated
Downloads: 18
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 03-28-12 - Prof. Drew
Maros w/ Klopfenpop and MadHatter - Get Game Dr. Awkward - Imma Do Me Benjamin Bear - A Song About My Name YTCracker - On My Starship Soup or Villainz w/ Stevie D - Madness Mikal kHill & Romero Shaw - I'm Awesome King Pheenix w/ HDninja - Open Sky MC Frontalot w/ ZeaLous1 & Dr. Awkward - I'll Form The Head Adam WarRock - King My Parents Favorite Music - Backtrek Southside - White Girls Kabuto & BC - Do The Flux
Keywords: nerdcore; hip-hop; pixelated
Downloads: 14
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 06-22-11 - Prof. Drew
(untested methods - and we sing like drunks) madhatter - drop the hammer hdninja - yellow alert schaffer the darklord - night of the living christ my parents favorite music - just a game (prototype raptor - sonic the hedgehog 2 - chemixtrixx oc remix) krondor krew - terminated king pheenix w/ thunderball and madhatter - anarchetype rush mc wreckshin - kung fu is my mom magitek - savage (anamanaguchi - helix nebula) deadmau5 - sofi needs a gameboy (dj roborob remix) the bossfights - left4dead zom...
Keywords: nerdcore hiphop; gettin pixelated
Downloads: 37
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated 02-02-11 - Prof. Drew
(lefthand - uncharted) random - cry of the planet super dragon x - excaliber! wordburglar w/ pigeon john - breeze milk plus - ring them bells (stu - megablast) supercommuter - robotopia the ranger - gonna be (digital nasty remix) ytcracker - the link madhatter - ganon slayer (untested methods loose cannon remix) (shirobon! - my toybox remix) soup or villainz - maxed out watsky & procrastination - run my mouth adam warrock - war machine fatback supreme - another friday night (rushjet1 - nebula)
Keywords: Gettin Pixelated; nerdcore
Downloads: 30
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated 08-21-13
Kabuto the Python feat. Shael Riley, Schäffer the Darklord, Adam WarRock, Int80, SayHi, Da Silky Slimz, Old Snake Da CQC MC, Beefy, Whoremoans, The Scrub Club All​-​Stars, Navi, Mikal KHill, Sulfur, The Ranger, Billy the Fridge, Random, Jesse Dangerously, Wordburglar & MC Frontalot - The Guest List Kirby West - Factory Power (2Mello Mashup)mc chris - older crowdDr. Awkward - It's a Trap!Jesse Dangerously - Holocaust CloakTribe One - I'm Kind of a Big DealMC Frontalot - NerdlifeSchaffer the...
Keywords: Nerdcore; Hip Hop; Pixelated
Downloads: 5
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated 01-12-11 - Prof. Drew
adam warrock - fantomex (weapon plus) soup or villainz - the showcase untested methods w/ madhatter - real dark arts the bossfights - frontalots sinster six - lying from your scientistik shoulders (masdamind's linkin park and jay-z mashup) mc frontalot - it is pitch dark mc chris - neville savant w/ hexagon & random - valley of doom beefy w/ ytcracker - ones & zeroes emergency pizza party - orlando cuo2duo - pedobear shuffle remix king pheenix - lean back, traitor! (masdamind's terror squad mash...
Keywords: nerdcore hip-hop
Downloads: 72
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 01/09/13 - Prof. Drew
(Benjamin Briggs - Dance With Me, Woman (Theory of N Remix)) 2 Mello - Ignorant Scene (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup) ytcracker - otherworldly foe Mikal kHill & Vince Vandal featuring Tribe One - Rampage Joey Zadjino - Mega Man Z (bLiNd - Put Em Up (Punch-Out!!)) Adam WarRock - The Future (Of Delivery) Wordburglar - Drawings With Words 2 Mello and Maros - Check yo Page Beefy & Beaker - Opening Salvo (Mykah - Showdown at Mount Dedede) My Parents Favorite Music - Pink Key rap legend Jesse Danger...
Keywords: nerdcore; hip hop; pixelated
Downloads: 15
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 04-25-12 - Prof. Drew
(Billy the Fridge - Feature Presentation/Random - Born For This) Tribe One & Adam warRock - Midlife Crisis My Parents Favorite Music - Backtrek Supercommuter - It Is Splendid! (Hanssen Remix) Former Fat Boys, MC Lars, YTCracker & Beefy - Revenge of the Nerds (Random - Road of Trials) Adam WarRock - Klosterman King Pheenix & HDninja - Open Sky Ultraklystron & Random - city Mikal kHill & Romero Shaw - Blow Up (Random - Threshold) Soup Or Villainz - Walking Dead Illbotz & Poe Mack - My Crown Klopfe...
Keywords: nerdcore; hip-hop; pixelated
Downloads: 21
[audio]20130306 GP Net - Prof. Drew
(Dj Cutman ft. S&CO - 8-Bit Brawl)YTCracker & Projektzero - Pinot Noir SuperstarBeefy & Beaker - HomebodyXoC & Danger Aaron - The SpitShubzilla & Yuki no Oto - Mixed Nuts(Dj Cutman ft. Smiletron - Bone Fracture/Dj Cutman ft. Blitz Lunar - 77)Zilla Persona & Dain Saint - Basement ShowHairestu & Benjamin Bear - Imma Get DrunkLex Lingo & Bill Beats - Point of No Returnsulfur & cecilnick - Instigator(Dj Cutman ft...
Keywords: nerdcore; hip hop; pixelated
Downloads: 30
[audio]The Nerdcore Meow Podast Episode 22 -The Garthim-Master & Doogie Howitzer
Season 3 episode 2 of The nerdcore meow podcast.
Keywords: nerdcore; meow; now; podcast
Downloads: 75
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 09/05/12 - Prof. Drew
(dj roborob - avada kadavrastep (harry potter tribute) dual core - all the things epic-1 - darth 1 soup or villainz w/ shy guy & mc wreckshin - con of conciousness (dj roborob remix) mc wreckshin w/ benjamin bear - clean swag shine (dj roborob - final fantasy iv - a slave's crown (dj roborob remix) Adam WarRock - Primordial Ooze (Original beat from Halifax Rap Legend by Jesse Dangerously) Mikal kHill - Mr...
Keywords: nerdcore; hip hop; pixelated
Downloads: 34
[audio]Nerdcore Meow After Hours – Adam WarRock
after hours with Adam Warrock
Keywords: nerd; core; nerdcore; meow
Downloads: 156
[audio]Nerdcore Meow After hours - The Garthim-Master & Doogie Howitzer redux
fraking redux
Keywords: nerdcore; meow; now; podcast
Downloads: 12
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 12/12/12 - Prof. Drew
(Austin Wintory - Threshold (Journey Soundtrack) Adam WarRock f/ YTCracker - CAPS LOCK Shubzilla - Wonderful World Beefy - Lineup Nirvana Mikal kHill - The Ascension of the Holy Hand Grenade Maros & 2Mello - Tyrants (Doni - Fight Against Bowser) Mega Ran - Wreck It Ran Superpowerless w/ Sparkles* + MC Wreckshin + B-Type + Happi - The IT Crowd B Type - Too Many Giant Robots, Not Enough Pilots DJ RoboRob - Street Fighter II - A Daughter's Revenge (DJ RoboRob Remix feat...
Keywords: nerdcore; hip hop; pixelated
Downloads: 49
[audio]Nerdcore Meow After Hours - Stiborge
after hours
Keywords: nerdcore; meow; now; podcast
Downloads: 125
[audio]Nerdcore Meow After Hours - Sample The Martian
sample after hours podcast
Keywords: nerdcore; meow; now; podcast
Downloads: 126
[audio]Nerdcore Meow After Hours - Sketch
Power rangers, devilled eggs, and ninja turtles, that's right it's NCM after hours.
Keywords: nerd; core; nerdcore; meow
Downloads: 138
[audio]Nerdcore Meow Podcas Episode 5 - C Emann
Episode 5 of the nerdcore meow podcast. This weeks guest is Klopfinpop. After the last song there is infact bonus content.
Keywords: nerdcore; meow; podcast
Downloads: 233
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 04-10-13
(1-Up - Whip Back Like An Epion)Zilla Persona & Dain Saint - Explosion (Radio Edit)sulfur & cecilnick - Second OpinonNavi & Fatback Supreme - A Junkies BalladLex Lingo & Bill Beats - Give You Up(1-Up - Night Hunter)Jollimus Prime & Niik The LampedGod - I'm BlackKudos & The Kid - I'm Useless (But Not For Long)Kordlyss & MVR - Monstrous MashBeefy & beaker - I don't want to live on this Earth anymore(1-Up - Rhapsody In Red)C0splay & Stone - Vakarian, Vietnam, and VictimsChemical42 & Litra C - SoloS...
Keywords: nerdcore; hip-hop; pixelated
Downloads: 21
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 02-20-13 - Prof. Drew
(Dj CUTMAN - How Attractive)Alpha Riff feat. Brie Crain - Superhero SwagSchaffer the Darklord - A Lot Like MeWordburglar feat. MOre or Les - Rhyme O' ClockVerbal the Rapper - Revenge of the Nerds(Pixel8ter - Mega Air)MC Frontalot - NerdlifeGhettosocks feat. Apt - Pink Lemonade)Billy The Fridge - Just A BillMikal kHill - Smash Bros(halc - New Atlantis)2 Mello- An Encore In Time (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)Watsky feat...
Keywords: nerdcore; hip hop; pixelated
Downloads: 24
[audio]The Nerdcore Meow Podcast - Episode 6 - C Emann
NCM podcast episode 6 featuring XoC. What up.
Keywords: nerdcore; meow; podcast
Downloads: 235
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 04-24-13
(Benjamin Briggs - I Can Has This Dance (Dj CUTMAN Remix)Wordburglar - Rap-ViperDale Chase ft. Dual Core, Adam Warrock & YTCracker - Goblin Town Alpha Riff feat. Brie Crain - Liberty of the Beast The Grammar Club - Phonin' it in(Ultraklystron - crew tripped)K.Flay ft. Danny Brown - Hail MaryChildish Gambino - Think Of MeGhettosocks - I'm LoadedDumbfoundead - 24KTWN(bLiNd - Put Em Up)MC Chris - Red MoonTribe One - Kaiju (CrushKillDestroy)Jesse Dangerously - Halifax Rap LegendDr...
Keywords: nerdcore hip hop; pixelated
Downloads: 35
[audio]Gettin' Pixelated - 07/18/12 - Prof. Drew
Epic-1 - Touch The Sky King Pheenix - Traitor HDninja - Sarlacc (Remix) Shammers - Keyboard Cat Random w/ MC Frontalot - Wake Up! Adam WarRock - Retcon Schaffer the Darklord - The Bender The ThoughtCriminals w/ Int80 of Dual Core - All the Coins My Parents Favorite Music - Just a Game Former Fat Boys - I'm A Dinosaurus (2005 Hard Corey Remix) Klopfenpop - Soul Custody YTCracker - On My Starship
Keywords: nerdcore; hip hop; pixelated
Downloads: 20
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